Career progression tips

Career progression comes in two forms, internal and external. Nobody wants to see their colleagues promoted ahead of them, and sometimes there are no opportunities for internal progression. The good news is that there are a few things you can work on for your own career prospects.


Look both inside and out

To look both inside and out, you need to research both your current dealership, and others. It’s important to look at what’s happening in the dealership with relationship dynamics, recruitment trends and business activity. Look for potential opportunities inside the dealership for promotion. Then look outside the dealership, talk to other dealers and check our website regularly for industry trends. Keep an eye on new jobs, paying particular attention to location, job type and department. This industry can go through peaks and troughs, so research is the key.

Strive for respect 

Respect is impossible if you criticize your colleagues and yourself. It’s counterproductive and we can easily fall victim to when our emotions get the better of us. Conflict however, can be productive when colleagues with different needs and interests work together. It’s how conflict is handled that determines the success of the business relationship, fostering respect. Criticism is not to be confused with delivering feedback or otherwise seeking improvement or change in another person. Criticism focuses on an individual’s personality, character, or interests rather than the specific action or behaviour. Read more on this here

Set goals and tell someone

Research successNothing lets your colleagues and boss know that you want to climb the corporate ladder more than telling them so. So set your goals, write them down somewhere and tell someone. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your workmates, and back it up at work with your actions, attitude and willingness to learn. Remember that there is no cookie-cutter approach to success, and each person has unique aspirations, skills, and deficiencies. To achieve career progression you just need to work out where you want to be, and declare it. 

Research successIf you’ve looked both inside and out, and there are few opportunities for promotion on the horizon where you are now, you need to keep an eye on our job alerts. Tell us which job(s) you want (we can list 2 on your profile) and we’ll send you alerts for those jobs as they come in. Keep your finger on the pulse by checking our job lists each week.Research successResearch success