Working with a recruiter

At AUTOrecruit, we have a team of Recruitment Consultants who work on a variety of roles. Roles we work on are for both AUTOrecruit (car dealerships), and TEAMrecruit (heavy vehicle dealerships), which keeps us quite busy.

As a result, we work with many clients and many candidates each day. This article from Seek outlines some great tips on working with recruiters, rather than against them. Some of the topics the article touches on include:

  • RecruitersCommunication (methods for touching base, following up)
  • Deal breakers – we need to know what simply will not work for you
  • Authenticity – being open and honest is the best way we can support you
  • Presentation – please dress appropriately for your interview!
  • Transparent – if you’ve already contacted a company, tell us
  • We’re not an obstacle!

This last one is really important! There’s nothing worse than putting your name forward to a client of ours, only to find out that your CV is already on their desk. Save us the time and be transparent, we’d rather know upfront that you’ve already applied directly.

We hope this helps!